Here we present some frequently asked questions.

Here we show Q&A FY2017. In FY2018, the contents might change.

What kinds of companies are eligible to apply?

Please confirm the requirements here.

How do we apply?

Please register online using the company registration form on our website.
*Application was closed.

Can we apply even if we don’t speak English?

Yes, you can. Last year, around 70% of interns were able to speak Japanese at a daily conversational level or higher.
For details, please check "Interns’ linguistic abilities" in the “Performance Report”.

Can we participate even if not for the purpose of overseas business development?

Yes, you can. Approximately 20% of participating companies last year had no plans to expand business overseas, but they still saw results in new business development and inbound business. For details, please check "Introducing Case Studies in New Business Development/Innovation."

What is the burden of cost for the company?

The host company must bear the costs required for the intern to participate in the internship, including the intern’s accommodation (unless the intern can commute from home) and travel expenses for commuting to the internship.
For details, please check "Main responsibilities of host companies."

What is the training content?

There are three kinds of content related to cross-cultural management training for host companies. These comprise e-learning prior to the internship, group training at the start of the internship, and follow-up training during the internship.
For details, please check this content as described in "Running Internships" in the “Internship Process”.

Is it possible to select interns?

The Program Office conducts document-based reviews, primary interviews, and secondary interviews of interns in order to narrow down the candidates. The Program Office recommends internship candidates based on preferences and requirements related to the intake aspects, and the content of the internship, but the host company makes the final decision.
For details, please check the “Internship Process”.

What are the advantages of participating in the internship program?

Last year's participating companies saw effects such as “improved expertise in cross-cultural communication,” “reform of internal company awareness,” “new ideas for business development,” and “understanding of foreign lifestyles and mindsets”.
For details, please check the “Performance Report”.

Who is eligible to apply?

Please check the requirements here.

To what extent are Japanese language and English language ability required?

All internship activities will be in Japanese or English. Therefore, Japanese language ability (Level N3 or higher on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test: JLPT) or English language ability is required.
Please check the application requirements here.

What kind of companies host internships?

We recruit interns and host companies at the same time, so if you are selected as an intern, we will inform you about host companies that suit your skills and abilities. Please check here for some examples from last year's internships.

What is the procedure after applying?

We conduct a document-based review, primary interview (in your native language, English, or Japanese), and a second interview (in Japanese or English).
For details, please check the “Internship Process” .

How will the host company be determined?

In selecting, we match the experiences, abilities, preferences, and requirements of the internship applicant with the host company’s registered information the intake system, preferences and requirements, prioritizing combinations that we expect will achieve the goals of this Program. We finalize the matching process by notifying both the host company and the intern applicant of the matching result and obtaining their mutual agreement.
For details, please check the “Internship Process” .

Can I choose the period of my internship?

For international students living in Japan, the internship will last about 3 months from August to Wednesday, December 20. The exact period will be decided in consultation with the company.

For overseas foreign nationals, there are 3 possible schedules for the internship:
B: Entering Japan on Monday, September 11 & departing Wednesday, November 22
C: Entering Japan on Monday, September 25 & departing Thursday, December 7
D: Entering Japan on Saturday, October 7 & departing Thursday, December 21
It is not possible to change these entry or departure dates. The Program Office will determine whether each internship follows schedule B, C, or D.

How much do interns need to bring to Japan?

The cost of transport and so on required for internship activities will be borne by the company or the Program Office. Interns are responsible for their own living expenses and other personal expenses, so if you feel 4,000 yen per day will be inadequate to cover your expenses, please bring any extra funds you require.
An amount of 4,000 yen per day (120,000 yen for a 30-day month) will allow you to live without problems in an urban area such as Tokyo. (You can buy lunch for around 1,000 yen.)

What are the advantages of participating in an internship?

Last year's participating interns saw effects such as "understanding Japanese social and business customs," "acquiring business Japanese ability," "making friends from all over the world," "studying Japanese markets and industry information" and more.
For details, please check the “Performance Report”.

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