• Internship
    Work experience related to future careers, implemented practically through companies and organizations. Internships offer work experience in management strategies (such as overseas corporate expansion), as well as participation and exchange of views in all kinds of meetings and seminars in order to build cooperative relationships and networks of related companies and organizations, promote understanding of commercial practices between the two countries, and make presentations for promoting internationalization of Japanese companies, etc.
    Placements that aim at only acquisition of knowledge through lectures or classroom exercises, placements that are indistinguishable from basic labor due to repetition of simple tasks, and placements where relationships of subordination between intern and host company are recognized to exist are not considered to be internships.
  • Host company
    Companies in Japan that wish to accept foreign interns, and that have been approved by the Screening Committee following matching of interns.
  • Intern
    Highly-skilled foreign professionals (referred to as “Foreign nationals” in this program) of developing countries (OECD/DAC-listed countries) who have been approved by the Screening Committee through documentary review, interviews, and matching with host company.
  • Screening Committee
    This committee is entrusted by Japan Internship Program Office, composed of external academic expert and expert from several industrial area. It also consult with Japan Internship Program Office to set up screening and selection criteria, and to approve the matching result in response to result selected by Japan Internship Program office.